Chapter 24 August 2022

* last Update/ Edit 8-31-22 . Header image Disc Golf Course in Virginia between 8 and 9

September 1st Day 71: next up … Chapter 25 September 2022

August 31st Day 712: Beckley West Virginia. Working on the car issue but there is a game plan now.

August 30th Day 711: (still battlling with. Run in with some poison Ivy) Beckley West Virginia: Spent the day at the hotel figuring out what to do about the car. Talking to several people and finally figured out a game plan. I will remove my car from the shop today and move it to a friends house in Virginia. They are driving up with a car trailer tomorrow morning. I will get a rental to get to Indy for an event this weekend. I will have some down time next week when I come back to stay with these friends. I’m still stunned by the level of support and really don’t think it has really sunk in yet. God has blessed me with a wonderful family from the world of motorsports.

   I knew making this trip was a risk but did not see any other route because I made promises and  this is what I do. I’m not devastated by the whole situation and actually I’m really calm about it all. The car got me a long way and carried me through a lot of adventures without any serious issues until now. It is by far the best vehicle I have ever owned but it has been tough on the wallet.

August 29th Day 710: Beckley West Virginia, To keep my cost down I slept in my car knowing I would need a hotel room for at least the next 2 nights. I’m on a tight budget and even though I knew what was coming about my car I was still really calm about the whole situation and even slept very well. The repair company opened and they took a look at it and found what I expected. The motor is gone, it has a golf ball size hole in the engine case. They priced it out for me but it was clear it would too expensive to fix. The repair cost is more than the vehicle is worth. I did a typical vague comment on facebook just to keep my followers up to date. I don’t go into details about stuff like this because that is not what I use social media for. Some one in that post ask what happen. This person knows about cars so I let him know what was up. Jackie Bryce ask for my PayPal and cash app and said maybe some of can help you help. … that is when god showed up to demonstrate to me how much I’m loved and appreciated.

I’m still speechless at the responses that followed!!!!!! my racing family came to my rescue in a big way. I have never felt this loved and appreciated in my entire life! Wow wow wow

Poison ivy is driving me crazy.

August 28th Day 709: Dinwiddie, Virginia I love my portable shower, the poison ivy reaction is getting worse but not much I can do about it except keep moving. The event is going well and there has been some fantastic racing today. Winner circle stuff ran a bit long but not too bad. People are having fun and enjoying their wins. I will get some rest tonight, shower and then get moving in the morning. Want to get out of Virginia because I have about had enough of this state. (It a good way) I will get to West Virginia get a disc golf game in then focus on getting to a Pilot to get laundry done, food and some rest.

…..The Golf game was awesome Greenbrier State Forest Disc Golf Course. A beautiful course and would log in a  +4 on my first game but had a lot of lucky breaks. The second game is a more typical for how I believe the course should play with a +7.  With regular weekly play time game here a sub par score could easily be achieved with a lot of ACE potential. Once done here I grabbed some fuel and decided to knock out the last 2 hours so I could get to the Pilot rest stop. …… BUT …….!…..

   A West Virginia hill that I have been on many times over the years decided to push back today. Travel west on 64 just east of Beckley, West Virginia I was making my way along but up a hill and began to loose power. Now this is common because my vehicle only has a 4 cylinder and it happens on big hill but his was greater than just normal hill strain. It was making a lot of noise but I managed to get it to the top of a hill just shy of the exit. It suddenly quit and when I tried to start it again nothing. I know my car pretty well and had a sinking feeling that I lost the motor. Road side service was with there me within 5 minutes and the towing repair company was there in 20 minutes. Maybe …?… 35 minutes on the highway tops. The shop is closed for the day so I will know more tomorrow.

August 27th Day 708: Dinwiddie, Virginia Today was a really weird XDA day for some reason . Normally it seems smoother but there is a weird funk about it. The event is going well with a large grudge turnout but still feels funky.

August 26th Day 707: Dinwiddie, Virginia Got some work done but can’t get it uploaded WiFi still down but they are working on it. Today is a testing day and I have some partnership work done just waiting on the connection to go green so I can upload it.

August 25th Day 706: South Chester Virginia Got some rest but slept wrong a bit sore. Got my coffee and headed over to Goyne Park Disc Golf Course to practice my 33ft. Did two 100 throw sessions and it was not pretty. 

Session One: only got 15 of 100 😡 this blows rat turds. Session Two: 23 of 100 and I know I am being hard in myself but that’s is me. A majority of the shots are bouncing off the basket and chains so the accuracy is getting better… But still 38 out of 200 throws just suck monkey balls. 🐒 ⚾️

Headed my way towards the track but stopped by Appomattox Riverside Park to chill. This place is trashed but has potential as a nice park but it is not well taken care of.  Got to the track and got myself setup for the weekend. My legs are giving me hell because of some poison ivy I got into. This will be a chill days because there is no testing today. Was going to get some work done but the Wi-Fi was down at the track.

August 24th Day 705: Richmond Virginia: finally found a damn tent ⛺️ everything so far was 4 people or more and over what I was willing to pay. Found a 3 person, wanted a 1 person but ended up with a three Person for same price.

  No Disc Golf game today. Went and did only a practice session 100 putts at 11, 22, and 33 feet. My 33 were really bad so I did 100 addtional shots at 33 feet, but using a different positon for set of 5 shots. I also use five putters that are not the same type. It was still pretty bad hitting only 33 of 100. I would like to see at least 80%. I need to kick some bad habits and be more aggressive with my throw. A lot of them bounced off the basket or chained out, so I’m seeing progress. I also threw 25 forearm shots. I’m surprised how accurate it can be. I’m averaging around 250 at this point with the longest throw being 267.

Decided to go somewhere new and nothing i bliving disc golf. Maynont Botanical gardens and Richmond VA

August 23rd Day 704: (Daily Steps: 32,126) Richmond Virginia, Another day focusing on getting another course for the disc Golf podcast since I can’t a real connection to get any work done. Found a disc golf shop so that will kill a bit of time today. 100 putts complete  using new form

Got three games in at Bryan Park in Richmond Virginia 1 game am then heading over to check out a Disc Golf Store Flying High Sports. Got talking with the owner and 18 year veteran of the sport. We talked for 2 hours about all kinds of stuff was a great time and only 10 minutes from Bryan Park.

Went back got two more games in, even though Game three was more about grabbing a couple photos I logged in 3 birdies. 😃 I will report to the track on Thursday because they can’t get me in earlier. So it will be a busy day getting set up and getting some work done. I can’t find a good wifi connection around.

* I’m really over Virginia looking forward to moving on next week.  🤣

August 22nd Day 703: (Daily Steps: 11,472)  A raining morning so just chilling in Colonola Heights and Chester Virginia. Trying to get some work done but wifi everywhere sucks today. This is the down side of working on the road. I can afford a hotel at the moment so what I have to do will have to wait.

Went over and played a round at Pharohs tomb disc Golf course. Not a big fan of this one but it’s not horrible I just would not play it on a regular basis. The layout is very dangerous for pedestrians.

August 21st Day 702: (Daily Steps: 21.180) Chester  Virginia: Goyne Disc Golf course. – TREE One – DISC Zero

Goyne Park disc golf course. 2 games today game1 +3 2nd game +4. A fun course with lots of potential to grab an ace out here. Go to pro pads get a whole new game. A really nice compact course that as fast. Some crossing over on holes but easily managed.  Well kept up with o ly minor things that needs addressed. With not Impact your experience

*beautiful park but serious players may have issue shorting their game up. 2022 @jtnortoncom

Got some laundry done not going too far today conserving fuel. Got the car reorganized feeling a bit better than I have the past couple weeks.

August 20th Day 701: (Daily Steps 18.942) Petersburg’s Virginia just killing time so I hit a flea market and went and played a round of disc golf at a short course and then hung out looking for a park that would suit my needs but Virginia is not the best state for that. I need to find a new cooler mine has crapped out, the lids is all screwed up.

I also got a follow up check up call from the doctor I saw in Tennessee. The company they sent my blood work to says I was bite by a black widow. At the time they “we” thought it was a spider bite but it was really unusual. Turns out the spider bite me twice at the same location so that is why the doctor could not confirm what it was. We knew wasn’t a snake or a brown reclus because I have bitten by those before and know what that looks like. I did not have a massive reaction to it. The only time they had to drain it was when I was there at the office. The area is healing up but the affects are still lingering a bit I’m still kicking along. So I can add Black Widow to my critter “hit me list”

The selfie image on this page of me and my bike is where the stab occurred but I did not think anything of it. About am hour later I had to stop and get checked out. Created a new disc golf podcast for the recordings I have been doing. Grip and Rip!

Hung out at Appomattox River Trail Virginia took a 5km walk and worked on a window fan vent window mockup for my car. To pull internal air out while camping. A few mistakes on the second design but that fine have enough to redo it right. (Still work fine)

JT – New Disc Golf Podcast 2022

August 19th Day 700: New Port News Virginia, Daily steps: (7,682) Got some rest and shower this morning after crashing at a Pilot again. Decided to get some normal breakfeast at an IHOP. Will be on this side of the state for a bit and should be able to get in another couple rounds of Disc Golf in this afternoon. Will be visiting some friends first before determining my next direction still have some time to kill. Hung out at Mr McBrides shop today and have lunch with him and some friends from the motorsports world.

   I went to do a 3rd round of Disc Golf at New Port News Park but popped my knee during warm up and could only get through 9 holes before I quit. Better to wait for another day rather than screw my knee up long term.

August 18th Day 699: South Boston, Virginia Daily Steps: 23,558 was not sure how things would play out but a partnership came through for me today. Got a round of Disco Golf in Edmunds Park before heading on over to New Port News VA. Where I found a second course in the afternoon got 2 games in. On hole 10 I joined  a group of 4 that were playing but waiting on a group in front of them, it was nice to have company for a change.

Morning Game South Boston, VA

August 17th Day 698: Abington, Virginia  Daily Steps 3,812 lots of driving today and a bike ride. Now made my into to Virginia but hanging on West side and decoded to revisit one I did not get to stay at long last time. Creepers Trail Watagua Trail head in Abingdon VA 43km bike ride.

Creepers trail

August 16th Day 697: Daily Steps: 28,224 still in Tennessee trying to minimize travel to conserve fuel. Just planning on hitting a couple disc golf courses today. I have a great sunrise this morning. Would get two course done that were pretty close to each other found one really close Morristiown Kiwanis Course and Panther State Park but PSP was a bastard. Below are my two cents on these courses…

Course played AM:  Morristown Kiwanis Disc Golf course. A nice course that is well marked and is The perfect place to work on your short game. No crazy long drives needed here but enough trees and rocks to test your cursing. Three games +1 / +5 / +3 so it will give a confidence boost if you’ve got some skill. A beautiful course but be careful with the walking paths they are close to the course at times. Also a great course for beginners

Course plays very fast because you don’t have far to get to the next tee. A few more games you can easily get sub par scores here.

*a nice course ❤️ well marked and nothing too extreme, a pretty easy course overall. Might be troublesome after a rain but I was dry today.

AM Game

2nd Course Played PM:  (+14) Panther Creek State Park Championship course. 😮 * Jez-US-Mary mother of God, whomever designed this monstrosity hates disc golfers and wants cursing trees and hills. 😆 🤣 trees, trees, hills,trees and more damn trees. You have control of your crap on this one!!

Here are your Tees and there is no other option but these distances.
1: 738′
2: 261′
3: 639′ I got a 3 here (par 5)
4: 603′
5: 501′
6: 384′
7: 560′
8: 416′
9: 769′

10: 718′
11: 579′
12: 308′
13: 579′
14: 449′
15: 691′
16: 389′
17: 683′
18: 401′

This is a course I would NOT play on a regular basis and IT IS challenging to say the least. Udisc mapping was extremely helpful on this course. If I’m ever passing through the area again, I will play it but man this one is tough one. You find yourself doubting the measurements more than once. The bulk of the tees are wooded but a few open up and give you a break on the back end. Rollers are helpful of your short on distance driving.

Panther State Park

August 15th Day 696: Daily Steps 19,225 / on the move again into Tennessee, headed on into Great Smoky mountains National Park Laural Falls first stop got in a short hike. Also meet a nice lady Deborah on the walk the way back. She is a also a traveller and we even got to see a baby black bear on the way back to the parking lot.

  We parted way I stopped again at a picnic area to walk the shoreline of the mountain river and saw an otter. Was a great day exploring before heading out. My lodging option was not available so it was time to make my way towards my next event stop.

Great Smoky Mountains

  Would run across Panther state park golf course it looks like a beast of course so lets get some rest first, before ewe tackle that bastard. I would get bitten by something and it knocked me for a loop went to local e-care to get checked out they had to drain the bite area while I was there. We think its a spider but the pattern is odd. They say when the send the sample off they should be able to tell what it was.

August 14th Day 695: Daily Steps: 24,077 – On the move Tenessee (Daily Steps: 20.077) two morning disc Golf games Meadow Park Crossville Tennessee hit a flea market and drove some more but hit another Disc Golf park for 18 – Joane County Park Disc Golf Course 18 Harriman Tenn


Got another 18 done during my drive through Harriman #tennessee Roane County park Disc Golf course got another course done. Will be the only game just driving through and it was close. 1st time ever playing course came at +9 but managed to get two birdies on this one and kept it out of  double digits.

Thank god for UDisc I would not have found crap out here with out it. @udisclive My new putting form is coming along great, and I am finally getting more comfortable with it. Also started Working on run up leg form and I’m seeing an increase in distance. Have not done any measurements yet, but I’m over throwing baskets so I need make sure my disc choice gets better. *a nice course 🌞 ❤️ number 1 will test your nerves right at the start. 💧

August 13th Day 694: (Daily Steps: 17.252) CROSSVILLE, Tennessee SDBA motorcycle drag racing series

August 12th Day 693: (Daily steps: 29.863) 2 morning Disc Golf games then off to the track for work. SDBA  Meadow Lake Park Disc Golf course. Lake Tansi Tennessee.

* Still struggling but hoping things work out, just keeping things short and simple but at time this gets stressful . Somedays knowing I’m alone is tougher than most.

August 11th Day 692: Daily Steps : 24,648 Early morning heading over to kill more time Meadow Park Crossville Tennessee 2 games This will be day two before heading to work.

Meadow Park Lake Disc Golf Course #crossville #Tennessee Almost aced it – 😃 One of two games before heading to my event. Parked this shot, right under the basket on 10. #valkyrie New putting style is helping and my throwing form is becoming more natural. Still hitting 300+ consistently and accurately. I have the form settling so now to work on my footwork. I need to update a couple disc they are getting pretty beat up. *a really nice course 🌞 ❤️

August 10th Day 69 1: Daily Steps: 30,704 Tennessee The Mounds @ Groves Park return trip Early morning disc golf game. Also checked our Obed Wild And Scenic River even though it was in the rain. A beautiful place that was a bit troubleshot,e to get to but worth it other than the mosquitos.

August 9th Day 690: Daily Steps 21.609 Kentucky YAHOO falls then off to Tennessee The Mounds @ Grove Park 1st tine playing … bad day 😆 +14  😪 ugly.

August 8th Day 687: Daily Steps: 23,578. Yahoo Arch Kentucky then camped out for the night

August 7th Day 686: : Daily Steps 21.692 Tennessee my last day at Indian Mound State Park been a great time got a round of golf in and a shower before checking out. A great place. Saw a place on GPS to go and see Yahoo Waterfall and Yahoo Arch open 24 hours should be able to find a place to park and crash out.

August 6th – DAY 685: Just killing time, I can’t afford to keep driving so I’m parked in a small Kentucky town for a few days. It hit me today that no one has checked in on me since June 22nd. Not a single family member …?… really? It is amazing how alone I am. I’m not depressed but this tine alone is an eye opener to a great many things.

I got a round of Disco Golf in to distract myself. Just played 18 but was only after par 3 even if the hoke was listed as a 4. Got five 3par and 1 birdie. Just played to have some fun not lose any more damn disc.

August 5th – DAY 684: Real Happenings: (bear with me this took a bit of work to condense down.) it’s still a bit long.

When traveling I assign a day for a “normal” meal stop. This time it puts me around the Tennesse/Kentucky border. In a town that if you want to find it you have to zoom in more than once on gps just for the name to pull up.

Today was a breakfeast stop and as I walked into this little breakfeast/lunch restaurant an older couple well into the upper years was also coming in. As always I hold the door for them to go first, they both thanked me.

“You are welcome Ma’am and you are welcome sir.” -JT

The man looks back as I follow them in and remove my hat. (This is important) Something I do but have not thought about it in a long time until today.

I looked to his hat that he had also removed that was sitting next to mine, it simply said veteran. Full but condensed story  click here.

“My oldest son is in the Airforce, how long did you serve sir?” -JT

August 4th – Kentucky – DAY 683: day two camping, ran out to Walmart up in Tennnessee (closest one) got in another round knee started acting up during the game

August 3rd – DAY 680: Kentucky: crashed out at a Pilot and accutalky slept pretty good waking up at an unusual 745am. Must have been more tired than I though. Pulled up GPS and found another disc golf park. INDIAN mound State Park Jellico Kentucky

August 2nd – Tennessee and Kentucy – DAY 681: Way too much driving today, trying to find a place to kill time. Can’t afford to drive back to Florida.

August 1st – Ohio -DAY 680: driving out need to kill some time I hate these long stretches.

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