Disc Golf 2023

Last edit Update 2-9-2023 – Here is where I keep track of my disc golfing training and games for 2023, it’s a way to watch my progress as I move through 2023.

  1. Training PF-Session not worried about distance or accuracy, trying to apply what I learned in the lesson.
  2. PF-Session: The PF stands for Power and Form.
  3. 1 Hr Putting session: A Star Set means all five discs went in. (I throw 5 each set)
  4. There will be no disc golf games in January of 2023, just training.
  5. 2-4-2023 200′ power accuracy
  6. 200′ accuracy, drive the distance as straight as possible but minimize the overthrow and left fade (done using Judges)
  7. 01-06-2023 After 2nd PF-session, I made a disc change; I added a second eagle, a second Roadrunner, and two sidewinders.
  8. 01-01-2023 I Removed all discs from my bag at a speed of 10 or more.
  9. 12-30-2022 Disc Golf lessons Local Route Disc Golf Shop Clearwater, Florida.

No more updates 02-9-2023: all disc golf content now appears on www.diskgolfn.com

02-8-2023: Work-related stuff and trailer drop for a trip to Georgia

02-7-2023: Work-related stuff putting practice

02-6-2023: Work-related stuff putting into practice

02-5-2023: 6 hours 200′ driving, backhand form, sidearm 250, putting practice, and new disc practice, two Diamonds. 168 and 165

NEW: 200′ accuracy, using short pad 1 208’Alpha course / Debary – The goal is to throw at the basket “area” (within 10 feet left and right) but not have any turn until after I pass it and not overdrive into the woods. 200 throws Five discs at a time using Judges. I chained it three times and stuck the basket four times.

02-4-2023: 4 hours 200′ accuracy and putting practice new disc practice Diamonds – P2 I have removed it from my bag for now.

02-3-2023: so happy my classes

02-2-2023: Personal Goal Classes 2 of 2 not disc golf related

02-1-2023: Personal goal Classes 1 of 2 not disc golf related

01-31-2023: Disc Golf Training The Green Gauntlet at Palmetto Park Training tight wood shots. Three games, PF-Session: Hr Putting session 6.5 hrs total

01-30-2023: Work Day

01-28-2023: work and personal stuff practice only

01-27-2023: Frosty Friday PDGA was my 1st event ever and could have been better, but now I know what. To expect I can work to get better. placed third

01-26-2023: pre-event practice Jonesville Disc Golf Course Gainesville, Florida, all day. Practice Long first (since that is what I played last on October 31, 2023. Then shorts because I knew that was what they playing us off of.

01-25-2023: no disc golf work day hanging out with friends in St Augustine

01-24-2023: no disc golf work day hanging out with friends in St Augustine

01-23-2023: no disc golf work day hanging out with friends in St Augustine

01-22-2023: no disc golf work day hanging out with friends in St Augustine

01-21-2023: New course The Green Gauntlet Disc Golf Course (+2) Eustis Florida podcast

01-20-2023: Debary Disc Golf practice putting 1 hr then two games 18 Barwick and 19 alpha

Then, I practiced a new throwing form for 3.5 hours complete practice at 4:00pm. Road runner and Sidewinder disc. Getting better consistent to 250′ with form need to apply more power form is being to feel more natural.

01-19-2023: 1hr practice putting, 50 Sidearm throws at 170′ and 50 throws roc 3 straight line at 190ft

01-18-2023: working on race stuff

01-17-2023: I got some work today and had to address an issue with the trailer. Secure domain and site for http://www.Diskgolfn.com

01-16-2023 1 hour of putting – but increased the distance and changed my stance for this session, Using Envy, Berg and 2 judges, and one classic judge.


Speed: 2 Glide: 4 Turn: 0 Fade: 1 – Named the 2013 Disc of the Year in the Player’s Choice Awards. It is incredibly predictable in flying and hitting the chains. It is a fantastic throwing putter flying straight and glides for amazing distances. It comes in several different plastics, so your preferred feel is available in this disc. This is a very popular disc and has seen a few changes. https://www.dynamicdiscs.com/collections/dynamic-discs-judge

How many Types: Fifteen: which is one bitch I have about the disc golf world, they are making this shot more complicated than it needs to be. They add these different types but genuinely do not explain them very well. – “your preferred feel is available” is about making money, and I understand that. The problem is that people new to our sport get overwhelmed, which is not good for the sport.

  • Putters I’m using:
  • 2 Prototype Classic Supreme Judge (Dynamic Disc)
  • * A newer version (Hybrid), the weight feels more evenly distributed across the disc and not as bead-heavy as my other Judges.
  • 2 Dynamic Discs Classic Soft Judge (Dynamic Disc)
  • * This was my original Putter, but as I have become more aggressive, it is getting used less. The softness does not feel good when throwing it 150 to 200 ft, which I will do with a judge in a heavily wooded area when I’m just trying to clear trees or hit a short basket placement. This disc softens over time and does not have the lifespan of another disc, and because I play a lot, it wears quickly.
  • 1 Prime Burst Judge (three of these) (Dynamic Disc)
  • * Pretty straightforward and durable for long-range throws and does not soften as it becomes more seasoned.
  • Two discs; I’m trying out.
  • 2 Berg: (Kastaplast)
  • * This disc is designed for distinct shots, where you don’t need to worry about the disc gliding far passed the basket. The disc features an ergonomic thumb track prominent on the top side while not being noticeable at the bottom. This makes it feel very different from any other putter. Berg is Swedish for mountain, by the way. JT-> I have had this awhile and did not get a good vibe for it, BUT then I changed my putting stance for my 60′ to 80′ putting range, and the disc is showing promise for my game. I will add a second to my playing disc lineup and practice routines because it is very consistent when you have an established form,
  • P2 (Discmania)
  • * Has a unique new texture to give you the best grip available on any plastic in any condition. We’ve also designed three flexes — Soft, Standard & Hard — for our New P2 to give you an ultimate choice. JT-> I like this disc. It is solid and works well for my new putting style, but I still need to use it more to be able to speak for it. It’s a pro putter so that it will cost a bit more than others.
  • The Envy is not a disc I commonly use 1st try.

01-18-2023: laundry and working on the trailer.

New shirts 2023 Disc Golfing

01-17-2023 : Rest day working on storage, it taking me longer than planned to address all this crap.

01-16-2023 – giving my shoulder some rest putt only. Addressing some other issues.

01-15-2023, some putting, but I got 18 in today. was asked to be a 4th man for a match-play by locals at Debary DGC. I, Roger, Brooks, and Alex had a great morning of disc golf. It went very well and showed me the importance of playing with practice. I was working on my distance putting but got a game in instead because some locals needed a fourth person for a match play game. Roger and I would miss the win by one stroke. We got a negative one to Alex’s and Brooks’s negative 2. I have added at least one weekly game to complement my practice sessions. My putting still needs work, but it is starting to come around; I need to keep doing what doing but maybe trust myself and add some power.

Left there and took my new trailer to a friend to repack the bearings.

01-14-2023 is still windy today. got my 1 hour of putting in but increased the distance.

01-13-2023 I got some work done in the. Running but two damn computer updates cost me over an hour. – I went to Showmen’s DGC for my 1 hr putting in 15mph winds gust 16-18mph after doing a video or YouTube. Wind putting is a pain need t d it more when the consisting. No driving practice today have some driving to do after picking up my trailer.

* The trailer is for my media program; it will also help me get rid of storage costs.

01-12-2023 I Still can’t drive, taking the downtime to get some work done since I have normal accommodations for a couple of nights. No practice today, just focusing on work.

01-11-2023 I Had to get the legal stuff done to the trailer and drop it at a friend’s house, I have to be in Tampa for a Doc appointment, the last one, and it was a bit rougher than we expected.

01-10-2023 1 hr putting 5 Judges 10-star sets with 2 consecutive star sets – Sidearm throws 50 using a Stokely method seen on YouTube 1-9-23+ Had to go down south and pick up a trailer for our program.

01-09-2023: FP Session 10 sets (not a good day, lots of bad habits creeping in). 1 hr Putting 5 judges per set no Star Sets (just not a good day) 6.23km evening run 5km at 20:51 I will not be able to do it at the end of the week.

01-08-2023: 1 hr putting 5 judges per set (1-star set) 🌟

Training note: During the 4th session, I’m still not marking the distance, but the short basket was to my right down the fairway. The Roadrunner and sidewinder exceed the basket placement marked off at 345′ a few times.

01-07-2023 Forth Training PF-Session 10 sets with 6 throws per set. Clermont, Florida

01-07-2023 1 hr putting session at 25′ 5 judges (8-star sets)

01-06-2023 Third Training PF-Session 6 sets with 6 throws per set. Distance not marked off. Debary, Florida

01-06-2023 Second Training Session 10 sets with 6 throws per set. Distance not marked off.

01-06-2023 1 hr putting session 5 judges

01-05-2023 1 hr putting session at 25′ 3 judges, 1 berg, and 1 p3 (no star sets)

01-04-2023 1 hr putting session at 25′ 3 judges, 1 berg, and 1 p3 (no star sets).

01-03-2023 personal stuff

1-2-2023 1 hr putting session

01-01-2023 First Training PF-Session 10 sets with 8 throws per set. 64m and 94m remarked with a disc. (video recording done of this) Leesburg, Florida

12-30-2022 – Disc Golf lessons After my form was reviewed by a professional disc golfer, he had me focus on power and form. I was not coiling my torso, there were other problems as well, but that was one of the key items.


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