Saturday Day 2 Jenkins Mountain Challenge II VA

(last edit/update 8-6-23) Update and Quik Pics from Saturday Jenkins Mountain Disc Golf Challenge II 2023 Professional Disc Golf Association B-tier Washington, Virginia.

—– JT Update —–

  • Round 1 played a 778
  • Round 2 played an 849 *

* Very happy, and this is also a personal best for this course by six strokes and improved of 12 from my 1st round of play.

I have only played this course now six times. 😁 My round 2 was much better than Rd 1, and I cut 12 strokes off my round 1 score moving up three spots. The 1st round was too bad to be able to place decent for the tournament, but if I can correct a few poor disc choices and avoid some repeat bad judgment calls, I should be able to bump up another spot or two. I’m just trying to save my stats at this point. If I can avoid OB and play a bit smarter, par is possible.

The three that gave me the most problem was 3, 7, and 13; Three was a really bad Star Mamba throw that shanked out into the land of camels. This put me behind a wall of crap a rabbit would struggle to get through. I was dead center of this plant wall but found a hole the size of a dinner plate and used a Touring Eagle to punch through it, and it worked, giving me the ability to get up to the basket saving a 6.

   Seven was a poor form alignment, and I went too close to the center of the fairway, so on my pull-through with a Beast. This disc held its line and dropped slightly left, but it did not give me the distance that my Star Mamba will. The older Star Mamba was causing me problems, so I chose the Beast here. This left fairway drop, short of the left turn towards the basket, put me behind a wall of vines. I had to use the Diamonds OPTO because I needed it to pull right after I punched through this mess so it would not go into the stream for OB. It got through and got up the fairway, but it slid about a foot into OB anyways. A bit too much heat was applied to it. I threw an upshot to get close to the basket, trying to see a five. Knowing I had it, I would plant a perfect Luna dead into the basket and then looked down. A sympathetic groan from my card mates before I looked up made me cringe inside.  I opened my eyes; it had bounced straight back out at me and was lying on the ground in front of the basket. Drop in 6!!

13 was all me being stupid with my Diamonds OPTO and would double OB this damn thing. Being stupid is no better way to describe it. The numerous birdies of the day would be my saving grace and give me a personal best here. 

JMCII event update After Round 2

MPO: -11 (Total: -21) Cody Bradshaw

*** Pro round Note: *** Cody is in the 1st position, but Levi Hancock stood his ground and matches him blow for blow, so they have to share it. Levi dropped a monster 2nd Rd score with a -11, bringing him to -21. But hold your marker disc, ladies and gentlemen; Cody and Levi have NOT knocked Eric Dobmeier out of the picture, and they will have to go head-to-head with him on Sunday because we now have a THREE-WAY TIE!! At -21!! 🔥**

At -19 with strong 2nd showings, Nicholas Carl and Matt Hammersten can jump in and ruin someone’s party plans on Sunday. 🥷The

MP50: +3 Ty Ange

MA1: -9 Michael Sevachko

MA40: +2 Justin Shifflet

MA50: -1 Rick Wilcox

FA50: +13 Kimberly Adams 🌹

MA60: +3 James J.T.Thompson III

MA2: -7 Derek Santee

FA2: +5 Lauren Chakalos 🌹

MA3: -6 Colin Shay

MA4: +5 Scott King / 2023
Jack T Norton / Platinum General Services / / RANDY SUN / WHATAGRAPHIC

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