Sunday Day 3 Finals Jenkins Mountain Challenge II VA

(Last edit Update 8-7-23) JT-Update and Quick pics from Sunday Jenkins Mountain Disc Golf – FINAL DAY OF THE Jenkins Mountain Challenge II 2023 Professional Disc Golf Association B-tier

—– JT’s Update —–

Round 1: played a 778 +12 / Round 2: played an 849 +4 PB. / Round 3: played an 851 +4

My round 3 was solid, controlled, and stable. It matched my original personal best in round 2 at +4, but I controlled my game much better. The misses and mess-ups were simply because of my low experience level in my game overall, but I see where improvement is needed. The main goal was to throw smart and stay in bounds. NO OB!

I was now in recovery mode, trying to save my stats for another day. I started with a bang by changing my approach on Hole One and chunked a Kc Rock Pro straight at the basket. I was aiming dead center basket, but my release was a tad high of the release point I wanted. From the tee pad, it held its line and racked the hell out of the flag pole that was on top of the basket. I get a roar from the crowd and my card mates. I would indeed birdie the hole. (photos of JT are courtesy of Melissa Vail Gibson 2023)

It was just about throwing clean and smart after that. As the round progressed, I would miss a few throws, but again, it is the understanding that these experiences will give me the knowledge and experience to do better later on. As long as I focus on what I’m doing and be honest with myself that not all discs “are defective.” 😆 Defective putters are still rampant! 😉😜

The two main holes that gave me additional OB trouble in Rd 1 to Rd 2 were 7 and 13. So for round three, I removed an older Mamba and both Diamonds OPTOs from my bag and put in a Kc Rock Pro and Valhalla, which I have only thrown maybe three times. The Kc Rock Pro was for Tee one and up shots in the open fields when dealing with the winds because it will hold its own against the wind, but I do have a tendency to overthrow the mark with it. This happened a couple of times, like with five, which cost me a bird! 

  Seven, I was trying to drive deep and cut the corner tight with a quick left drop, and it did just that with my newer Mamba. What went crap-south was a bad forehand throw that popped a tree, and the third shot also popped another tree. All of this was poor execution on my part, and the fourth, I just focused on getting close to saving a five. NO OB, so I was a happy camper.

  Thirteen: I threw a really bad drive but made a solid 2nd and 3rd shot to get down the fairway stayed center but right on the fairway. At the top end of the fairway, if you go too far left and deep, you throw blind to the basket because of some forest crap we call trees and thorny bushes, so I prefer the right side. My fourth shot was a bit too far but still close, but I stuck the Luna in the basket and saved a 5! Also, NO OB!!

I would end the day in the 15th spot, which I knew was coming because of round 1; there was too much damage to my score to bounce back. I looked at the numbers and would have had to throw a sub-par round to move up, but I do not have that much experience for a course like this. … yet!! This was a great time with good people, and I look forward to doing it again next year. I learned a lot and strive to get better. I would take a brief break before heading out to get some shots, then catch up with the pro cards. / 2023
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🏆Sunday Finals! WINNERS

MPO: (Total: -29) Cody Bradshaw


MA1: Michael Sevachko

MA40: Justin Shiflett

MA50: Mark Metz

FA50: Kimberly Adams 🌹

MA60: Ed Steele

MA2: Derek Santee

FA2: Lauren Chakalos 🌹

MA3: Tommy Landseadel

MA4: Scott King

Extra shoutouts!!!

  • Andrew Lamont got an ACE on 15 in round 3
  • Andrew Lamont would go on to slam a monster number down at -10 (1013), his best round of the weekend! Well done, sir!!
  • Eric Dobmeier Round 3 would get an EAGLE on that pond water pain in the butt hole five. Two slams on a par four!!

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