AVT #8: Swover Creek Showdown Virginia

Last Edit/Update: 8-20-23 AVT#8 Swover Creek Brewery DGC-18

Sunday, September 17, 2023, at Swover Creek Brewery in Edinburg, Virginia C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament.

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Results: I placed 2nd 😁 and threw a 916…

Woke up this morning and everything was wet as I headed out to the car so there was a good chance we would be playing disc golf in the mud today. As I was driving up to the course, which was about 2.5 hours away, the rain would come and go ranging from no rain to downpours. Along the way, I would make my morning stop for coffee and some fuel then get back on the road. I left really early from where I was staying and knew all too well I would be there early and would end up having to wait for my tee time of 10:45. I took this tee time to try and avoid any afternoon rain that might pop up. Mother Nature had already decided that I was going to be playing in the rain but this time around. I was prepared for what it would be like because early in the year I played a tournament in a bad rain storm in McDonough, GA (The Tracks at McDonough). I was not prepared for that one and my inexperience with these conditions made for an ugly showing on my part. I went to Walmart that evening and picked up stuff I needed for rain play because I had another tournament the next day… but would not rain at all on that one.

Light sprinkles would come and go but it stayed dry enough to keep the umbrella closed. The rain stayed away for a while as Myself, Josh and Seth advanced through the course. By six Mother Nature decided she was done being nice and started dropping some sprinkles on our game. As we were wrapping up seven the umbrellas were open up and they would stay open after that. The wooded sections did help for a little bit but once the trees were filled with water it got worse. Any kind of wind would just dump extra water on us as we struggled to keep a dry grip long enough to get a throw-in. Then it let loose and for several holes, it was a full-blown downpour and would not stop.

The only thing I was trying to keep dry was my Android phone because when the charger port gets moisture it does not like to charge, but it had plenty of juice left for our game. I settled myself down and just played smart I could have pushed a few shots but went for par and it would pay off. My favorite shot was 17 because I managed to avoid rollers with my putts all day but got a nasty roller on 17. I had to hit this long putt to save par and I GOT IT! I would walk away with +2 and this was my first time ever playing the course and was playing it blind.

When I came off the course I did not realize where I was sitting in the standings until Wes Bennett said “We might have to play off later.” I got a drink and something to eat and then went and took a look. To my surprise, Me and Wes were tied for 4th at this point but several other cards still needed to finish. The rain continued to beat up on people and we would improve to 3rd. This held for about 20 minutes before settling in into a tie for 2nd. Now we waited for the leader Alex but he was playing smart and was known for having a good head on his shoulders. He was -1 and would need to completely meltdown on the back nine, but we really did not expect him to do that. Alex was playing smart and would not let go of that number-one spot! An intelligent player who stayed focused in some harsh conditions. Alex came walking up off eighteen and was surprised that he won, Alex was so focused on his game, that he did not realize where he was in the standings. A cool guy who truly earned his win today and got the best of Mother Nature today, even though she did decided to hang around the rest of the day.

The course itself is really nice and is on private property so a player does not have to deal with parkgoers when playing. You do have to be careful under normal conditions because the holes and fairways are really close together. Just have some courtesy and it is not a problem. I do not like these baskets (Axiom Pro Targets) but have encountered baskets similar to them before and know how to play them. I found out the hard way that these things but they are a lot like those damn MVP Blackhole baskets that love to spit discs out.

The baskets are basically disc golf baskets with anorexia. They are thin and have a lighter build to them also their chains are lighter in weight and thinner than most. I had a bad experience with them at a tournament earlier in the year and lost birdies because of spitouts. I was also using a different putting style back then. For these, I make sure to putt it flat so that as much of the disc hits the chains as possible and aim at the center basket. If your disc goes vertical too much it will spitout if you have too much heat to it. Seth and Josh both had very unfortunate spitouts because of the entry angle. I don’t care for these baskets but not enough to hate or dislike any course for using them and if you get the chance you should go play this course YES go play it. It is a great course.

18 Holes (yes very well done with some challenging lines and distances)

Turf Tees: Need some help but I have played worse.

Axiom Pro Targets: not a fan but know how to play them.

Dedicated Disc Golf, Brewery/vineyard: Beautiful disc golf-only course

Established 2018 cool stuff well taken care of.

Dogs allowed: awesome but I don’t have one

Cart friendly: small carts yes

Drinking water available: yes

Restroom available: yes

AVT #8: Swover Creek Showdown September 17, 2023 at Swover Creek Farms Brewery
Edinburg, Virginia · Hosted by Nathan Hughes Professional Disc Golf Association

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