10th Annual All Hyzer’s Eve Voodoo Ranger & MVP Disc Sports Sports Oct 21-22, 2k23


10th Annual All Hyzer’s Eve Voodoo Ranger & MVP Disc Sports Sports Sat-Sun, October 21-22, 2023 Troutville, Virginia B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament Professional Disc Golf Association

Saturday Round One (Mayflower Hills) +7 Tee Time 9:15 AM started on tee 14 (shotgun start): Sixteen and Seventeen out here are a pain in the neck for me. A few other throws and putts got away from me but I did manage to calm down. Nothing to go changing my game over need to keep playing. The winds were a problem for everyone but I managed to hold my own against it. I have done better here but, my bag is still not where it needs to be. I also need to get my distance up a bit.  I’m extremely happy with the progress I have made with my forehand game it saved my butt more than once this weekend. At the close of this round, I would end up MA3 position 6th.

Saturday Round Two (Greenfield DGC) +13 Tee Time 2:15 AM started on Tee 11 (shotgun start): – finished at 515pm: The winds were a royal pain in the neck but predictable for the most part. Even though I failed to execute several throws which would put me back a bit and at the close of this round, I would slip to position 7th.

Sunday Round Three (Greenfield DGC) +11 Tee Time 9:30 AM All players started on Tee 1: The winds were still a pain in the neck and far more chaotic today but the plus side is that I have played in this type of weather before so it was not that big of a deal. I would settle down but it took a bit for me to settle down. Once that happened I started doing much better but it was a bit too late to drive my scoring lower. It was a solid round and I don’t need to reinvent the wheel regarding my game direction I just need to keep practicing and playing. My putt is still too weak, so I have regressed a bit. My goal was to be in the top ten and so better than I was yesterday. Shaving 2 strokes off, a personal best, and 4th is a good weekend. 

Yellow Targets White Tee Pads MA3 (Greenfield Disc Golf Course)

  • 01:- Island Hole (don’t make it move to the drop zone) Lots of OB!
  • 02:- Straight forward throw (old position three) pushed long.
  • 03:- Must stay in fairway OB high grass on left and right side
  • 04:- Wooded shot OB left if surrounded by water not really an issue
  • 05:- lots of trees using the deep left position
  • 06:- Mando but it is not really an issue
  • 07:- Standard play basket is pushed long.
  • 08:- I hate this damn hole it takes forever with no arm/ distance
  • 09:- Good practice round throw but not for real game time.
  • 10:- Pond shot I would birdie this one Both rounds
  • 11:- You really need a forward for this one both to the turn both times
  • s 12:- an 830′ monster +1 on 1st rd and par second round. Play this very smart.
  • 13:- Nasty tree kick rd1 +1 but would birdie it rd2 ***
  • *** 13 There was a CTP award for this one I GOT it! parked it 2 ft away
  • 14:- both rounds par – saved by a high hyser bomb I practice just for this type of situation.
  • 15:- with the Vahalla I threw far right out over the ball field, using the wind to push back Par x2
  • 16:- Nobody likes this damn thing its a beast, 505′ feet of trees to an elevated basket.
  • 17:- Bad putt round 1 +1 but par on 2nd
  • 18:- play smart and safe par both games


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