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Jack T Norton

I want create as much as I can before I’m dead. Someday it is a fate that will befall every single one of us. The more I create and SHARE the longer my life will go on after my physical life ends. It is not about how much money I can make but it comes my way I have no problem with it. For me it is truly about creating and or capturing that next something else. Every artist doubts their ability to be an artist but when they embrace the FACT that they are an artist. Life will then opens up and now have a place to go when the world gets crazy and makes no sense. Many artist struggle with "am I good enough at what I do" but we need to realize we are never as good as we can be at anything...... we just get better the more we do do it.
Jack T Norton
Jack T Norton
A collection of Bad Apples. Thanks for the pic Tim Hailey #badappleracing #ahdrabanquet #teambadapple #badapplenitroharleys #wecleanupwell
Jack T Norton
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When this happens, it's usually because the owner only shared it with a small group of people, changed who can see it or it's been deleted.
Jack T Norton
Jack T Norton
πŸ™ Save New England Dragway

Our Beloved New England Dragway is at risk of being bought! As much as a shock as it is to many, this is a real possibility. Help us save our Home away from Home and where we have made many friendships. New England Dragway has one of the best facilities and should stay a track. Let's show the track how much we love them and want to keep them around. It is so important that we support our local tracks. Sign and share as much as you can.

πŸ‘‰ Go sign the petition at https://www.change.org/p/the-racers-save-new-england-dragway

πŸ‘• http://dragbike.us/merch
#dragbikecom #dragbike #dragbikes #dragracinglife #motorcycledragracing #dragracingphotos #dragracing #dragracer #dragrace #pickalane #icametowin #built2win #crowdpleaser
Jack T Norton
Jack T Norton
Celebrating our back to back Street ET win πŸ† at the ManCup World Finals with a
~THC (True Hand Clutch) 🀚🏿
~Stock wheelbase
~Foot shifting
#Godisgood #stockwheelbase #bracketracingmatters #puertorico #familyiseverything
Jack T Norton
Jack T Norton
Input on the 2022 XDA rulebook needs to be emailed to jason@mbpevents.com by Nov 30th for consideration. The 2022 Rulebook will be posted before Christmas πŸ‘

2022 XDA Season Schedule πŸ‘‡
Apr 22-24 at MDIR
May 20-22 at VMP
Jun 17-19 at MDIR
July 22-24 at MDIR
Aug 26-28 at VMP
Sept 23-25 at MDIR

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