Partnerships 2k22

(last update 1-05-2022) Partnerships are close closing for 2022

2022 FULL Program Partner

Today's fast paced commercial construction world is filled with complex scopes and tight deadlines That is why Platinum General Services is your team to turn to. For more than two decades, the team of professionals at Platinum General Services have been recognized as the signature of excellence for exceptional commercial construction and extraordinary building repair. We are proud to call ourselves PLATINUM GENERAL SERVICES

2019 – 2022 our Hosting Partner for the XDA racing series
 Schnitz Racing is our Try and Keep Up! official partner for all six XDA events in 2022. The XDA racing series is the biggest and baddest motorcycle drag racing series around. A massive field of talent that is simply amazing to be a part of.

As a Hosting Partnership this also actiavtes 1st to Perfect again for 2022 

Try & Keep Up! First to Perfect Cash Bonus! .000

    Saturday and Sunday XDA for all Seven Events: Try and Keep will offer up a cash bonus of $100.00 to the first racer to get a .000 reaction time.

    Whether you win or lose it does not matter perfect is perfect. .000
    If both Racers get perfect reaction times, the winner gets the bonus. .000
    Your time must be publicly displayed (sorry grudge people)
    Come see me in the midway for your money, photo and JT Tshirt
    If you win it Saturday everything resets for Sunday and you can win it again.

2022 our 1st Year together
For years, A1 Cycles has proven to be the best choice for custom, high performance builds. If you are in the market for creating the build that leaves no stone unturned, you are in the right place. They specialize in all levels of engine building and deliver unforgettable service for frame modifications, complete custom builds, bike updates, fuel injection tuning, Dynometer service, chrome front end swaps, powder coating services, tire changes, and even basic bike services. Are you looking for track side support? Once again, you're in the right place at A1 Cycles.

They work with their clients closely and are taking clients on an appointment basis. Contact A1Cycles today to find out how they can get your dream build started. 

2019 – 2022
2021 AHDRA Nitro Funny Bike Champion and one extremely hard working dude.

Dash Sports 2022

2019 – 2022


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2022 Partnerships: Platinum Fleet Repair / / WhatAGraphic / Balch Racing /

2021 Partnerships: Schnitz Racing Energy Coil / Hard Times Parts and Service / / Dystany Spurlock / Fast Andie Rawlings / APE Race Parts / Pablo Gonzalez Racing / JT’s Auto & Cycle-AMRA, / Vantine Nitro-Sports / LSR Nitro-Harley-ManCup /, and WhatAGraphic. 3 Silent Partnerships

2020 partnerships: APE Race Parts / AFM Racing, / JT’s Auto & Cycle, Schnitz Racing, Vantine Nitro-Sports, Fast Andie Rawlings, LSR Nitro-Harley,, Balch Racing, and WhatAGraphic Please visit my Partnership page at top of the page. (two silent partnerships)

2019 partnerships: AFM Racing, APE Race Parts, Schnitz Racing, Tak Shigematsu Racing, Vantine Nitro-Sports, Fast Andie Rawlings, Balch Racing, and WhatAGraphic . (three silent partnerships)

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