Partnerships 2k21

(last update 8-7-2021)

Partnerships for 2021 and 2022 are open. I do not focus on the “track photographers” type of material with the intention of selling it. I’m not at these events to sell prints I am here to support teams and programs. I will go after action material when it’s requested before the event or needed for a partnership/contributor. I will be out on the line getting that type of material but it’s usually partnership reasons.

I do not offer public galleries in 2021

The amount of support or content access you desire is up to you. The 2019 JT/T&KU! program racked up 21,900 plus miles doing 27 events, 21 private locations, 4 team sponsors supporting team assignments in Ohio, Florida, Indiana, and Utah. Events we attended events such as NHRA, XDA, NHDRO, and ManCup, to name a few. We travel up to Maryland and all the way over to California. Even though I’m based in Florida, we will go anywhere needed, even internationally, if called upon. Covid indeed impacted 2020, but we still racked up some serious miles traveling up and down the United States’ East Coast.

Team JT Try and Keep up! wins again! LSR Nitro-Harley wins at the rock June 2021

Team Support Partnership means it is done as you through your page/sites. We can use my outlets to increase our reach by sharing and cross-promoting, but the content should start with you, so YOUR fans/followers come to you because of this about you, not me. A partnership with JT gives you something back because this is a partnership. I do not need my name plastered on everything, which sometimes takes people a while to get used to.

A privacy policy is available here

OR… We can work together silently because you want access to the content of your team. My content is largely unavailable to the public. When I do, it’s usually only done when specifically requested. People do not buy enough prints for me to build a bunch of public galleries. If you wish to be a silent partnership, that is fine. I do have a couple of them. They really just want access to their content or my services, but I do make sure they get extra attention along the way.

Everything make a difference.

Rob Bush Motorsports 2021
Dystany Spurlock 2021
Schnitz Racing 2019 2020 2021

Schnitzracing.com: The OFFICIAL XDA Series JT-partner for our program. Schnitz Racing is a major driver in All the motorcycle performance parts you need to Stay in FRONT! Engine the motorcycle drag racing world, and they are support events and classes everywhere. I am honored to have the program again in 2021. This is a fantastic worldwide company that is second to no one. This will be our third year together, and we are looking forward to a fun year of helping racers with their passions. If you have a motorcycle go to Schnitz Racing for your performance needs first. They support us, so be sure to support them back.

360 Video with Ryan Schnitz 2020 use your mouse to look around it’s 360

JT’S Auto and Cycle

JT’s Auto & Cycle 118 Chestnut Rd. Charleroi Pa 15022 www.jtautocycle.com Facebook: @jtsautosandcycleracing

AMRA National Champions 2012-2014. They are dominant in the Nitro-Harley and are known for taking win lights on their gas bikes. This will be our first year together, and we are eager to get to racing.

JT’s Auto & Cycle is a Full Collision Shop for automobiles and motorcycles. We are a “Green” facility with Water Borne Paint Systems. We work with all insurance companies and offer a wide range of services. JT’s Auto & Cycle first opened in 1986. The shop had 1 stall, and now they are a Full Collision Shop for automobiles and motorcycles. Along the way, we added multiple stalls, a chief EZ Frame Machine, a Garmart Downdraft paint booth, and we are a “Green” facility with Water Borne Paint System. They also sell used cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Their motorcycle shop has a wide range of tire batteries, oil, and more. They are ready to service your motorcycle when you need it or when unexpected “things” happen. Just give them a call, and they will fix you up! Don’t forget they can also do your motorcycle inspection.

JT’s Auto and Cycle racing 2021

Vantine Nitro-Sports 2019 2020

Website vantinenitrosports.com / Facebook @davevantine

A Nitro-methane Top Fuel Motorcycle Drag Racing team lead by Dave Vantine. This team is one of the few teams on the planet that has achieved sub six seconds in the quarter-mile. This is commonly referred to as the MTC 5-Second club. Mr. Vantine and Larry McBride were the first pair of top-Fuel bikes to do side by side in 2014 and then again in SGMP 2020. A great team that I’m honored to be assisting again in 2021. This will be our third year together.

Dragbike.com 2016 – 2021

Website: Dragbike.com Facebook : @dragbikecom Instagram: @dragbikecom Twitter: @dragbikecom

The premier motorcycle drag racing news outlet that has been very supportive of me over the years. I provide Social media and Event Media Support. We have been working together for a while, but this will be officially our 6th year together.

Larry McBride SGMP

Whatagrapic 2019 2020 2021

Website: WhatAGraphic.com Facebook: @whatagraphic: My decals and large print work are done through this company. A printing company that is based in Moultrie, Georgia This will be our 3rd year together. We have really great stuff coming for 2021 stay tuned

LSR Nitro Harley 2019 2020 2021

lsrnitroharley.com: A Three Time ManCup Pro Fuel Championship Nitro Harley Motorcycle drag racing team. They locked down their 3rd Consecutive championship in 2019. Even though I assisted them some in 2019, 2021 will be our 2nd official year together. They were extremely busy also in 2020 by locking in two additional championships in the 2020 AMRA and AHDRA racing series.

On board with LSR 2020

APE Race parts 2019 / 2020 / 2021

In July ’06 APE moved into their state of the art performance center at the legendary Willow Springs Raceway in eastern Kern County California.

After years on having out grown the previous facility in Burbank, California, the decision was made to dramatically increase the facility size to take advantage of the rapid growth the company has experienced. 

The new purpose-built facility houses a CNC manufacturing wing, as well as sales and warehouse space. This new space has allowed us to increase our personal to offer faster service to the racing community.
Then there is the race track. What can we say about working with the back door open as Porsche is testing the ALS Spyders or Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha, or Suzuki is testing their latest racers. All right in our back yard. The race facility has seven different race tracks, and there is always something exciting going on.

Full APE details click here www.aperaceparts.com

www.fastandierawlings.com 2019 /2020 / 2021

Andie Rawlings is an outstanding drag racing team and a great group of people I’m also honored to call friends. Andie has been drag racing for several different series for years. Andie entered NHRA Pro-Stock motorcycle drag racing in 2017 and has been steadily making progress as the year progresses. NHRA Pro Stock is a tough field to come away with a win, and when you get a win in this arena, it’s something you should be extremely proud of. In 2020 Andie would also set the record on the Harley Live Wire Harley Davidson.

Andie Rawlings understands marketing better than most and has the same “sponsorship” dedication that I do. We believe that you don’t just take from partnerships. You give back to them, and very few do it better than Andie Rawlings. I look forward to the accomplishments yet to come from Andie and will be there to help get those accomplishments noticed. www.fastandierawlings.com

On board with Andie Rawlings 2019 NHRA

Robert Parker Racing 2013 – 2021

Robert Parker is the man who brought me into the larger world of national drag racing and is a great person. He is focused and dedicated to getting better and a great friend.

Robert Parker Wins 5.60 May 2021 VMP
Robert Parker 211

Most people know me well and know it is hard to explain all that I do or even why I do it because so much of it is not public….. as JTNorton that is.

My primary motivation is not money, but my partnerships allow me to take my “JT-Style” of doing things and reach a border audience or help people rise above the noise. I have had some amazing adventures, and these partnerships are the reason they are possible.

LSR Nitro Harley 2020 Maryland International Raceway

My goal is not to generate revenue from these partnerships but generate revenue on the back end using content and my other non-race projects. My opinion is that partnerships should support a program, not be the monetary backbone of it. I have invested a lot of my own time and money into this now, and in the past four years, it is all I do. I have worked hard to make sure JTNorton.com / T&KU! has a positive reputation. Relationships and trust are essential with anyone I interact with, both online and offline. 24/7/365. I reach many people myself and meet most of them face to face, so it’s important to make sure we are seen positively.

I want to keep being creative and have always loved helping people, which is a way for me to do both. Many great stories will get lost if we are not there to save them. My partnerships bless me with the ability to do just that and build towards bigger things. I’m honored to have all these wonderful people and companies by my side. All of this also lets me be here for my mother, who is getting older and needs my help. Everyday day I have with her is a blessing made possible by those shown above that support JTNorton.com. Try and Keep Up!.

JT and Momma-JT This is the last picture we took together. (May 4th 2021)
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