August 13, 2020

Teamwork makes Dreams Work!

Creativity Taken Seriously!


JT Norton working so we keep having fun before during and after our events are done. Lets enjoy life and what we do to make ours a happy one. just trying to create and do my part..

Lets see what I have for you so far.

JT Memes Photo

People enjoy these things so I keep on doing them. The best comment I got on them so far is, “You not famous until JT gets you!”

JT Memes Vids

Be careful and don’t assume my creations represent what I personally believe. I try my best to look at everything in 3rd person, it allows me to see a broader range of creative opportunities.


coming soon.



Wood and Resin 5-19-2020
Wood and resin / hand made 5-20-2020
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