October 20, 2020

Try and Keep Up!

Creativity Taken Seriously!

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10-16-2020 Side 2
10-16-2020 Side 1

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JT Norton working so we keep having fun before during and after our events are done. Lets enjoy life and what we do to make ours a happy one. just trying to create and do my part..

Lets see what I have for you so far.

JT Memes Photo

People enjoy these things so I keep on doing them. The best comment I got on them so far is, “You not famous until JT gets you!”

JT Memes Vids

Be careful and don’t assume my creations represent what I personally believe. I try my best to look at everything in 3rd person, it allows me to see a broader range of creative opportunities.


coming soon.



8-19-2020 finishing up a few before a road trip
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