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Jack T Norton

I want create as much as I can before I’m dead. Someday it is a fate that will befall every single one of us. The more I create and SHARE the longer my life will go on after my physical life ends. It is not about how much money I can make but it comes my way I have no problem with it. For me it is truly about creating and or capturing that next something else. Every artist doubts their ability to be an artist but when they embrace the FACT that they are an artist. Life will then opens up and now have a place to go when the world gets crazy and makes no sense. Many artist struggle with "am I good enough at what I do" but we need to realize we are never as good as we can be at anything...... we just get better the more we do do it.
Jack T Norton
Jack T Norton
🔥 The DME Racing Short Neck Steering Stems for the Hayabusa and GSX-R1000 are IN STOCK and shipping.

Our Short Neck Steering Stem is a factory replacement that allows you to use stock triple clamps with a short neck frame. We have fitments for the Hayabusa, all years, and the GSX-R1000, years 2001-2008.

👉 Learn more at https://bit.ly/3qLVn03

The combination of the short neck frame and Short Neck Steering Stem will lower the front of your motorcycle an additional inch without the tire hitting the triple tree. This combo also lowers the bike’s center of gravity which will improve your 60-foot times on the drag strip.

- CNC machined
- Factory replacement
- 1” shorter than stock, for 1” short-necked frames.
- Works with aftermarket offset triple trees that reuse stock steering stems.
- Made in the U.S.A. 🇺🇸

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Jack T Norton
Jack T Norton
My nephew is bad ass ! 👊 ✊️ Devil Z
Jack T Norton
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Jack T Norton
Jack T Norton
OH this is getting bad! I’m a life long Star Wars fan and always liked Boba Fett. Not my favorite character but still liked him. This series is turning into a stupid mess that makes no sense. They are taking a cool character a slowing destroying it. I was hoping for more but it’s becoming pretty clear that soon we’ll need one big a** plunger to fix this mess.

Someone should get fired for approving those speeders and for the speeder chase sequence.

The Turtle Waxed Up Cyber-Punk Power Rangers are gawd awful and are about as threatening as dish soap.

It was really difficult getting through this one. It took one episode and they took a really cool character Black KKrsantan (The Wookie) and gave him one of the worse fight scenes I have seen in Star Wars.

It amazes me how Boba was bad ass in Mandalorian but now he gets ignored, blown off and out right insulted but just stands there and takes it.

“What happened did your balls drop off?” - Joker 2008

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