If you are interested in photos from a specific event please mail me at jaked35mm@hotmail.com. Please do not PM me via social media I support a lot of pages and that messaging system is not a reliable way to reach me. Most of my content is not available for purchase to the public because I stopped offering public content access to our content years ago, due to a lack of interest in print orders. I have limited galleries and content available on my Shootproof Site and FAA site.


I will be participating in this 2021 event (62-Mile Ride) we can knock this out of the park but I need your help. Click The Pan Florida Logo above to see what we are doing and the great cause it is helping. Or click here

News and Updates

JT-Partnerships 2021

(last update 01-25-2020) I’m pleased to announce that many of my 2020 partnerships are with my program for 2021. We have some new exciting stuff coming in 2021 to help increase our exposure and get our sport and the racers the attention they deserve. A few followers requested this of JT/ TAKU! – but if … Read More

Welcome Cannondale

Program Announcement: Now all of you know that the JTNorton.com / Try & Keep UP! program is a traveling program. That also takes advantage of it by adding days before and after events to make sure get some other adventures in as we move across the country. I’m thrilled to add Cannondale to the TAKU! … Read More

XDA 2021

Schnitz Racing is JTNorton.com’s official partner for all seven XDA events. This is the biggest and baddest motorcycle drag racing series around. A massive field of talent that is simply amazing to be a part of. We are going to make sure these men and women at every level get the recognition they deserve. Number … Read More

PushN On 120 – 150 days

Last update 01-25-2021 : Just as a reminder, I’m doing this for myself and no other reason other than health and I enjoy it. Not looking to set the world on fire or break records just keeping at it and see how good I can get at all this. Go have fun, life is a … Read More

KeepN Up! 91 – 120 days

Last update 12-29-2020 – (edits 1-18-2021) Have closed out 90 days and holy crap what a ride it was and I’m still loving it all! Chapter 1: 21 Day Self Goal: 01-30 days / Chapter 2: Bike on 30-60 days / Chapter 3: Keep On KeepN 61-90 days / Chapter 4: KeepN Up! 91 – … Read More

Things I have found interesting

Now I have not personally tried some of these things because my goal is not for weight loss but health. I pay attention to claims made by products, people and then go read up on them. The more you read the more you’ll realize the shit on TV, is just that … shit. Diet, exercise, … Read More

360 Ryan Schnitz 7-25-2020 by JT Norton / Dragbike.com / Schnitz Racing

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