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Real Happenings: August 5th 2022

Real Happenings: (bear with me this took a bit of work to condense down.) it’s still a bit long. When traveling I assign a day for a “normal” meal stop. This time it puts me around the Tennesse/Kentucky border. In a town that if you want to find it you have to zoom in more […]

Thrift Storing it Atari 400

Water cooler information you’ll never use. lol saw this gem while browsing a shop on 5-31-2020 Atari 400, also known as “Candy” was Atari’s second computer released in 1979 along with her big sister, the Atari 800 which was known as “Colleen” Introduced October 1979Discontinued November 1983Release Price $599.99 December of 1978 Atari introduced the […]

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